I always been attracted by creative fields. I am now studying communications and marketing. Why not creating a link between both them ? 

My purpose is to highlight how creative companies and artists promote their business both online (social media, digital marketing, blogging…) and offline (special events, pop up stores, fashion shows…) and how they mix these communication tools to create an amazing global strategy.

As a matter of fact, we are living in the digital era and everything goes faster and faster. Sometimes it’s hard to follow new trends, or even harder to create new trends. This is why I am motivated by meeting with inspiring people, everywhere I go (London, Shanghai, Beijing, Paris and more to come…) and find tips and ideas to develop your own business.

Here you’ll find :  interviews of amazing personalities working in design, fashion, arts and music fields, talking about themselves, their vision and how they manage communications and marketing to achieve their goals.

Moreover, I am a French girl with an amazing French accent, working to improve my english everyday ! 

For more information, register to the newsletter and contact me here if you know anyone interested for an interview. 

Share this post and stay tuned  ! 

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