Ghana+Afrofuturism : Jojo Abot launched her new psychedelic track “Alime” ft. Elo & Vuyo

Multi skilled artist, Jojo Abot was born in Ghana and spent her time between Accra and New York where she’s currently living. Her last track “Alime” Ft. Elo & Vuyo is out today. Her unique provocative style, commitment and spiritual vision of the world make Jojo glow.


If you missed her last EP “NGIWUNKULUNKULU” (I am God), Abot explores the question of  identity and segregation, a “release of her anger and frustration against white men”, while expressing her feminity. The artist aims to engage in a global conversation throughout music and artistic performances.



“Just as separation was the tool of destruction, we as black people and humans across this grand globe must come together in dialogue with an open mind and heart to heal. There is much progress to be made. We must rise to love and build ourselves. Remaining unafraid of our excellence and God nature, we must push boundaries and occupy spaces otherwise closed off to us in order to amplify our voices. We must speak up against evil and stand up for what is right. We must create new spaces where we are reminded of who we are and who we want to be. We must invest in generational wealth and the breaking of generational curses. We must reconnect the dots between us and our brothers and sisters in the diaspora. These are our greatest allies. This is our time and we are coming… POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN.”

Jojo Abot 





JOJO ABOT - quote.jpg

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