IYAA is a result of my four past years travelling around the world as a student in communication and marketing.

Everything started in London, where as an intern at University College London, with my partner Asta Barry. There, I’ve discovered the startup system by attending conferences on many topics from finance to digital marketing. This was a key moment in my life. I started to think about expressing myself through visuals and artworks but I needed more.

A year later in Beijing, where I lived a few months,  I’ve met lot of creative and inspirationnal personnalities working in arts, fashion and more. Most of them where working at 798 (I’ve written an article about this area for the webzine Cerbere) a famous art district in Beijing. I was alone at the other side of the world, I felt a strong desire to share my experience with my friends, family and why not, the world. So, one night, I’ve taken my computer and I started to go deep in my mind to create a logo, find a name related to my personality and create all my  visual identity. The day after I’ve done this website.

Unfortunately, at this time I wasn’t confident with myself and I thought my concept was to large (talking about arts). A few months later, when in Shanghai walking in the street, I’ve discoverd this concept store ran by Soren Matz. I had the idea tointerview him, first because I was interested about his story and campaign he was running on WeChat.

When he was answering to my first question, a light above my head appeared. What about a blog to share creative people’s experiences around the world ? Why not to make a link with my professional career in digital marketing and communication ?

That’s how it started ! I’ve seen this amazing quote one day on Instgram :

” Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you. When you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence” — Unknown 

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